Audio, Lighting, and SFX Equipment Rentals

We carry an extensive inventory of audio, lighting, and special fx equipment



  • RCF HDL 6-A 6" Active Line Array Modules
  • RCF NX 945-A 15" Speakers
  • RCF SUB 8004-AS 18" Subwoofers
  • EV QRX-212 Dual 12" Speakers
  • EV QRX-218s Dual 18" Subwoofers
  • EV SB760A 15" Subwoofers
  • Mackie SRM450v2 12" Speakers
  • Mackie SWA1501 15" Subwoofers


  • Shure SM58 Wired Microphones
  • Shure SM57 Wired Microphones
  • EV ND767 Wired Microphones
  • Sennheiser EW-D Wireless Handheld Microphones
  • Sennheiser EW-D Wireless Lavalier Microphones
  • Sennheiser EW-100-G3 Wireless Handheld Microphones


  • Allen&Heath QU-16 16-Channel Digital Mixing Console
  • Allen&Heath MixWizard WZ3 16:2 16-Channel Analog Mixing Console
  • Yamaha MG12XU 12-Channel Mixer with Effects
  • Mackie 1402VLZ3 14-Channel Mixer
  • Mackie 402VLZ3 4-Channel Mixer

DJ Equipment

  • Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 4-Channel DJ Controller
  • Pioneer DDJ-REV7 2-Channel DJ Controller
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel DJ Controller
  • Pioneer DDJ-REV1 2-Channel DJ Controller
  • Technics 1210M5G Direct-Drive Turntables
  • Technics 1200MKII Direct-Drive Turntables
  • Pioneer DJM-S11 2-Channel DJ Mixer


  • Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR Moving Heads
  • Chauvet DJ WashFX Hex RGBAW+UV Wash Effect
  • Elation DesignSpot 250 Moving Heads
  • 12x18w RGBAW+UV Wireless DMX Battery-powered Uplights
  • 10w Wireless Magnetic Pin Spots
  • 384x0.2w Pixel-Mappable DMX LED Tubes
  • American DJ WiFly EXR Battery Wireless DMX

Special Effects

  • American DJ Entour Ice Low-Lying Fog Machine
  • American DJ Entourage Faze Machine
  • Club Cannon Handheld CO2 Cannon MKII
  • CO2-Powered DMX Continuous-Flow Confetti Cannon

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